First race rocked!


Distance: 10k

Time: 66:59

My first race was awesome! I beat my last 10k time by about five minutes, making this my fastest run ever. I was so stoked when I got to the finish line and saw my time. Even my mom was surprised (yeah, she came to see me; thanks, Mom!) because she thought I would be another ten minutes, and there I was! This race definitely made me want to do more races, and boosted my confidence for the marathon.

It was fun to be around so many other runners at the start of the race. There were probably 600 or so runners there, of all ages, from teens to seniors. And they were almost all faster than me. But I’ll get back to that. There was no formal start line, just everyone cluttered in one area. One of the directors yelled “go” to start the race, nothing fancy. I stayed near the back, because I knew I was slow and didn’t want to get passed by everyone. I still got passed by a lot of people, mostly in the first kilometer. Then, the race wasn’t much different than running by myself, because they were all ahead! I really didn’t feel bad though, because my only goal was to beat my other 10k time. I did start put a bit too fast for the first kilometer or two, so I think I slowed down a bit during kilometer 3 & 4. Then, I got in the zone, and just motored along at my own pace. My one ego boost is that I had to look behind me every once in a while, to make sure I wasn’t the last one.

I definitely felt my best from kilometer 5 through to the end. Around kilometer 8, the “flat” course had a couple of hills. They weren’t as bad as the ones on my 8k run, but they were unexpected, since the website said the course was pretty flat. I actually got through them without slowing down too much. Then, I know I ran faster than I usually do. By the ninth kilometer, I was feeling good, but I was ready to see the finish; when I did, I put on a burst of speed to the end. I glanced at my time on the board, but it didn’t really sink in until I looked at my RunKeeper. Then I was absolutely blown away!

There were a few funny moments. I kept trying to pass this one guy, who must have been in his seventies. He kept slowing to a walk, I would pass him, and then he’d start running again and pass me. I think I finally got ahead of him during the last kilometer and beat him. Also, there was another woman, who looked younger than me, who started walking about halfway through. As soon as I got beside her, she started running again. Still not sure if it was a coincidence or not. I didn’t pay attention to whether she beat me or not.

As I mentioned, I used RunKeeper during my run, and if you want, you can see the results here. The time is a bit off from the official time, probably because I didn’t start it exactly when the timer started. I can’t wait to do my next race, although I’m not sure if I’ll get to one in February. The only one I know about that I could do is a 12k, which might be a bit much. I do know that I’m hooked and will definitely do another race soon!

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