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Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Photo Exercise Photo by valsdarkroom This week's challenge was to hit up the Flickr Interesting Photo page, pick a photo and write a short story about it. I've been wanting to work on some character development for some of my non-central characters for my WIP, so you all get to be guinea pigs. The result is a bit more scene than story, although it does stand alone. I'd love to know what you … [Read more...]

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Gallows Girls

This week's challenge was to take a three word title from a list of 10 and write a story. I made it my own goal to incorporate as many of the titles into my story as possible. I couldn't get them all in due to space, but I think it turned out well. Just a silly little story. Hope you like it. “Okay, what should we do now?” asked Sophie. She pushed aside the pizza boxes and the bowl of half-eaten popcorn. The girls—Sophie, Dakota, Brooklyn and … [Read more...]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Rebellion

This week's challenge was to write about a rebellion, any kind. I immediately thought of the interaction between two characters in my WIP. The funny thing is that I haven't written the story up until when this scene takes place, yet. But this was a very easy scene to write. I hope it doesn't end up on the cutting room floor. Seth awoke at the thud of a heavy door shutting. His arms were shackled above his head, his feet chained behind him. His … [Read more...]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Something Scary

This week's challenge was to pick something that scared me and write a story about it. I had a hard time with this one, because I couldn't really come up with a good story idea with any of them. But then I thought of something that I think most of us are scared of at some time or other: being accepted for who we are. “Ugh, Jer. This is so dumb. Rabbits aren’t scary. These just look ridiculous” Alyssa scoffed, while she continued to apply … [Read more...]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Apocalypse Now!

Hooray Flash Fictions are back! This week's challenge was to write a "rare, strange, unparalleled" apocalypse. Hopefully you'll find this one fits the bill. “What do we have this time?” I stepped out of the car, and Matt handed me a large coffee. He knows me well. “Weirdest thing. It looks like some sort of animal attack, but nobody can tell what kind. The teeth marks are like nothing I’ve ever seen.” “Well, did we get some kind of … [Read more...]