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No NaNoWriMo, but some Flash Fiction

Hooboy, have I been slacking in the writing department. I haven't written anything new in three months. And I'm feeling like I want to get back on that horse and do some regular writing. Maybe finish the novel I started last year, even though, when I stopped writing it, I hated in and thought it sucked. But, I'm learning (again, forever) that stepping away and giving something time makes me hate it a bit less. And, in the spirit of sucking less, … [Read more...]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Good vs. Evil

This week's challenge was to write a story about good versus evil. I always liked the idea of flipping this idea on its head, that the duality depends entirely on who is telling the story. This idea was rambling around in my head all week, but I wasn't ready to put it down until now. Fair warning, I was in a bit of a mood when it eventually hit the keyboard. Anyway, I hope you like it. “And here is the noble prince, come to slay the evil … [Read more...]

Flash Fiction: First Comes the Murder

OOh, it's been awhile since I posted a Flash Fiction story. This week's challenge was to go to this Inspirobot site, find an affirmation, and write a story. Mine was "First comes the murder, then comes the apocalypse." I banged this one out right away, then sat on it for four days. I'm not sure it works, but decided to put it up anyway. “First comes the murder, then comes the apocalypse. First comes the murder, then comes the apocalypse. First … [Read more...]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Meg and the Necromancer

This week's challenge was to look through this thread, pick any part that captures your fancy and write a story. I took the beginning of it, and went in a different, goat-free direction (Then I saw all this backstory. But my story was already done, nanny nanny boo boo.). It was one of those stories where the idea was maybe better than the execution, but at least I got it done. Let me know what you think. Meg took a seat at the bar, … [Read more...]

Flash Fiction: Assassins versus Vampires

Last week's challenge was to pick a one group of people from one table, pick another from another table and pit them together. It was due last Friday, so it's hella late but I'm going to post it anyway. This is the first writing I've done in about 3 months, and I could tell. The characters aren't very complex, and the story reads more like a scene in an action movie, but I had a lot of fun writing it. Also used the term "assassin" pretty loosely. … [Read more...]

Flash Fiction: Tourmaline

This week's challenge was to pick one of ten one-word titles and write a short story. Here is what my weird little brain came up with. Hope you like it. “Are you sure it’s the black tourmaline I should be getting? I’m sure my friend, Gail—she’s a certified Wiccan you know—told me that hematite was for protection.” The woman standing in front of me, long, stringy grey hair hanging over a long, drapey, bell-sleeved rainbow dress, holds a … [Read more...]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Angels!!

This week's challenge was to write a story about the devine: gods, goddesses, etc. I've had a pretty stressful week, and writing just wasn't a thing that happened. BUT! I decided to throw in a last-minute entry. This is the prologue for my WIP. It's only just over 1000 words, but it's better than nothing. I'd love any feedback! “I now call this meeting of the Angelic Council to order.” Michael’s booming voice rose above the other members’ … [Read more...]

Beware the Hydrobeast: Part 2

It's probably worth your while to read part 1 first. This week, we were to write about a monster. Not something that already exists, like a vampire or werewolf, but one that we have created. Since I already did this with last week's story, I decided to continue it. It is a wee bit late, but I hope you like it anyway. “You—you’re Prince Castain?” Melinde stammered. “At your service.” He smirked, bending forward into a slight bow. Melinde … [Read more...]

Beware the Hydrobeast: Part 1

  I wrote this piece for a weekly Flash Fiction prompt in which you were to write a story based on one of two themes:  1. Doing a good thing sometimes means being evil. 2. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I started writing about the first one, but the story ended up leaning towards the second. Nevertheless, it was late. Like a week late. So I didn't post it to the site. But I decided to put it up here, since I … [Read more...]

Acquiring a Nintendo Switch: A Twitter Story

  I bought a Nintendo Switch today! I also learned how to Storify! Check out the link: … [Read more...]