spoiled goat doe

Shebaa and the Wolf

This week's Flash Fiction challenge was a fun one. Chuck Wendig's son is turning 5 (Happy Birthday B-Dub!) and he gave us a bunch of things his kid has said and asked us to incorporate one or more into a story. I saw the list and the story came to me at once, but my goal was to include all of the quotes, and I managed to get all of them in but one. My own kids have been clamoring for me to write a children's story and I think they'll enjoy this … [Read the Rest...]

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

They Fight Crime!

This flash fiction challenge took longer than the others, but I hope it was worth it. I think it's pretty funny. For this week, we were to go to a website called They Fight Crime, which randomly generates two characters you need to incorporate into a story. I got: He’s a … [Read More...]



Mom loved daisies, but now I hate them. One after another, every single family member hands me bouquet after bouquet of them as I greet them at the front door of my mom’s house. Every surface of her living room is covered with them, their cheerful yellow insides mocking the … [Read More...]


The Blood Lottery

Here's another flash fiction challenge entry. This week we were to choose from 10 titles, selected from a bunch submitted to the www.terribleminds.com site. I chose a pretty popular title, but I couldn't get this story out of my head until I got it down. I'd love to hear … [Read More...]