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Flash Fiction Challenge: Iconic Scene Re-work

This week's challenge was to take an iconic scene, ideally from something most people have seen, and re-write it in another genre. I picked the battle of wits scene from The Princess Bride, but as a Western. When I saw that another person had posted a story with the same idea (but a different scene) I considered doing a different one. But I liked this idea too much to give it up. I'd love to hear what you think. Dread Outlaw Roberts swung open … [Read the Rest...]


Flash Fiction Challenge: D & D Character Generator

This week's challenge was to go to this website, which randomly rolls a D & D character, and write a story based on that character. I got "A curious human rogue from a floating city who doesn't believe in hygiene." I let my inner nerd fly a bit with this one, … [Read More...]


Flash Fiction Challenge: The Idiomatic

Hey, I got this one done on time, for once! The challenge was to pick a phrase from the Idiomatic website (check it out, it's kinda fun) and incorporate it into a story. I got "opportunity is the new black". Anyway, here is my story. Feedback is always welcome. Chloe … [Read More...]

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Flash Fiction Challenge: Sub-genre Mash Up

I finished this story last week for another flash fiction challenge (yes, it was late) but I didn't post it because I wasn't happy with the ending.  But I've decided to post it anyway. The challenge was to choose 2 sub-genres from a list and write a 2000-word story. I got … [Read More...]