Flash Fiction Challenge: The Gallows Girls

This week's challenge was to take a three word title from a list of 10 and write a story. I made it my own goal to incorporate as many of the titles into my story as possible. I couldn't get them all in due to space, but I think it turned out well. Just a silly little story. Hope you like it. “Okay, what should we do now?” asked Sophie. She pushed aside the pizza boxes and the bowl of half-eaten popcorn. The girls—Sophie, Dakota, Brooklyn and … [Read the Rest...]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Rebellion

This week's challenge was to write about a rebellion, any kind. I immediately thought of the interaction between two characters in my WIP. The funny thing is that I haven't written the story up until when this scene takes place, yet. But this was a very easy scene to write. … [Read More...]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Something Scary

This week's challenge was to pick something that scared me and write a story about it. I had a hard time with this one, because I couldn't really come up with a good story idea with any of them. But then I thought of something that I think most of us are scared of at some … [Read More...]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Apocalypse Now!

Hooray Flash Fictions are back! This week's challenge was to write a "rare, strange, unparalleled" apocalypse. Hopefully you'll find this one fits the bill. “What do we have this time?” I stepped out of the car, and Matt handed me a large coffee. He knows me … [Read More...]