No NaNoWriMo, but some Flash Fiction

Hooboy, have I been slacking in the writing department. I haven't written anything new in three months. And I'm feeling like I want to get back on that horse and do some regular writing. Maybe finish the novel I started last year, even though, when I stopped writing it, I hated in and thought it sucked. But, I'm learning (again, forever) that stepping away and giving something time makes me hate it a bit less. And, in the spirit of sucking less, … [Read the Rest...]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Good vs. Evil

This week's challenge was to write a story about good versus evil. I always liked the idea of flipping this idea on its head, that the duality depends entirely on who is telling the story. This idea was rambling around in my head all week, but I wasn't ready to put it down … [Read More...]

Flash Fiction: First Comes the Murder

OOh, it's been awhile since I posted a Flash Fiction story. This week's challenge was to go to this Inspirobot site, find an affirmation, and write a story. Mine was "First comes the murder, then comes the apocalypse." I banged this one out right away, then sat on it for … [Read More...]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Meg and the Necromancer

This week's challenge was to look through this thread, pick any part that captures your fancy and write a story. I took the beginning of it, and went in a different, goat-free direction (Then I saw all this backstory. But my story was already done, nanny nanny boo boo.). It … [Read More...]